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I think you have alot to contribute to the business world. That sucks that Troy picked you to go to the boardroom but kudos to you for handling it so well and for winning! Even though they say you don't have any practical ideas...you are competing to be the apprentice you can't know everything. Hey world cut the guy some slack he will know everything when he gets the job.

Carolyn Rugama

Kwame Jackson, please, this is the ultimate task. You are the employer, not a team leader. You need to fire Omarosa. She is not only dead weight, she is dangerous weight - she is plotting to see your downfall. She does not do what is delegated to her, just to see you fail. FIRE HER!

D. Grace

Kwame, fire omarosa, she does
not have your back, she is
only looking out for herself,
and she is not doing a good job
of that.
God bless you, I hope you win,
you are a son any mother
would be proud to have.Please, Fire her, remember
Mr. Trump is watching you!!!!


Kwame... felicitation for the job well-done. You have demonstrated the emotional intelligence that that most of your competitors lack. I pray and hope you will win. Why? because you deserve!



Great job! Always keep your cool; that's good in a leader. Watch your back with OMS.

I know you can win. Good luck!

Rosalind Frazier

Overall, we can all say Kwame could of
done more to better his chances. I think you
did your best and it will open many doors
for you. Many may say you lost, but in
reality you won much. You and your
parents should be very proud of Kwame.
Much success to you. Strong man with a
great future in front of him.
God Bless to one of God's Best!


Great Job, I wish you were the winner but you had a terrrible team. Omarosa was not on your side and because of her you lost the job. Good luck.

Mikel Lasoshky

Will Kwame accept the CEO position at JFPI Corporation now?


Kwame, Omarosa cost you your job! I cannot stand her, I know you had to pick her because it seem right, but she has a mean streak I don't trust her.

Now that it is over I know Trump did not let you walk away empty handed.

Let me know what are your plans...


Mama Taha

Kwame, we are so proud of you. You definitely represented! We are heartsick that your defeat came at the hands of an African American woman. She is the same kind of Black person who sold us into slavery in the first place and later later betrayed those planning to escape and thwarted every slave revolt. Just remember son, what goes around comes around and God don't like ugly. Your light is too bright to be extinguished by one nevergrow. With love and warmest wishes for your continued succes,
Mama Taha

Congolese Poster

Kwame and construction sites supervision do not ring a bell to me. Some jobs can actually make you dummer while collecting a higher paycheck. Supervision of construction sites, that was a joke, right? I cannot see Kwame buried in construction sites, it was beneath him. KWAME, YOU ARE DEFINITELY WORTH MORE THAN THAT AND YOU CAN LEARN TONS ELSEWHERE!!! Donald Trump just needed a short-term construction guy and he did Kwame a favor! He did not insult his intelligence with such a retarded employment offer. Kwame, capitalize on your exposure to secure a position that caters to your growth, assets and potential. Learn from this experience and keep on stepping! You did not loose much, here...


Kwame, we are ALL proud of you! I will be looking forward to seeing you play some prominent role in life in the near future. YOU ARE A CLASS ACT AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT! THANK YOU!


Kwame, as if you didn't know already - You are a brilliant man with heart of gold and inspiration to all.

It was really tragic that fellow african american woman sabotaged your team - I just wanted you to have a fair shot at the job - you would have definately won then.

Well, I am not sure what made you decide on selecting her. But if it was due to obligation for your race, let this be a good lesson to you - be objective in selecting most qualified person and someone who will be LOYAL to you. NEVER EVER EVER hesitate to fire people lie Omarosa who just don't deserve any respect or opportunity givn their mindset

I hope many headhunters were watching the show - and seing her deceitful and backstabing behaviour - the whole world will know NEVER TO HIRE OMAROSA - she just recinforces the stereotypical notion of blacks - that they are lazy and unproductive.

What saddened me even more is that lack of remorse in her. She is psycopath indeed.

Mr. Jackson, I want to wish you very best. You indeed will have a splendid future and have lot to contribute to this society.



you were excellent. You carried yourself with professionalism and dignity. You displayed poise and high emotional intelligence. I'm certain you have gained invaluable lessons on leading and managing personnel from this experience. It's horrendous that your demise came at the hands of Omarosa, a jealous, self-serving, insubordinate employee. The fact that she is a black woman makes it worse! The reality is, there are many Omarosas in the world. Your intelligence, poise and integrity shows your potential for great leadership. Sometimes we must micromanage. Sometimes we must encourage. Sometimes we must scold. Sometimes we must warn. Sometimes we must confront. Sometimes we must fire. A great leader knows what to do and when to do it. When you begin to turn up the intensity and learn to handle the likes of Omarosa in the future, that will mark the beginning of your greatness as a leader. Trials build faith. Faith builds patience. May God continue to bless you on your journey.


Kwame, Congrat... I think you did a terrific job durning those 13 weeks, and on the very last project,i thought you did a rather superb job then Bill. Even if you guys were neck to neck, your education should have have set you apart to another level from Bill. I admire your sense of managing and hope to work for your company in 2 years. I am currently a junior finance major at the University of Houston!

Brenda Phumchun


This time it's his own fault though.

*Dang, it appears as though Kwame Jackson has been fired again by Donald Trump. He was given his walking papers as judge of the Miss Universe beauty pageant ... um, we mean scholarship contest. (Yeah, right!)

Jackson, the runner-up to the reality show's ("The Apprentice") April 15 final prize was disqualified by pageant organizers for waving at beauty queens he bumped into in the lobby of their hotel.

"Kwame is intelligent, charming and we were really looking forward to him judging on our panel," pageant president Paula Shugart said in a statement made available to The Associated Press. "But his interaction with the delegates, albeit unintentional, is strictly prohibited."

The pageant statement quoted Jackson saying he was "disappointed and disheartened" and "honestly had no idea that (the hotel) was off limits."

"I was meeting up with a close relative who loans out jewelry for the pageant as well as some friends who had flown in to support me, when I was recognized by some of the delegates," the 29-year-old Harvard MBA said. "As a natural human response, I extended my hand to greet them."

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