Return of the Fired

There are rumors roaring around the web about the return of Omarosa and Troy to the show.

Given that
- this week's preview includes both Omarosa & Troy
- the summary of the episode says "candidates are subjected to a grueling round robin of one-on-one interviews."
- and Mark Burnett's proven premise that confrontation makes good tv... (see the penultimate episodes of the Survivor series)

I think this may be a 360-performance review of the worst kind. As a leader it's not just about how well you get your team to produce, it's also about how well you work with the team.

It would also make good tv. Especially if one of the questions they ask is "why are you a better hire than me."

So the questions are

  • do you think the "one-on-one interviews" are between the remaining candidates and candidates that have been fired?
  • and what do you think they will ask?

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    Performance Review - Troy McClain

    Troy McClain

  • Project Manager – 3; Wins – 1 Loses – 2
  • Team: Wins – 2; Loses – 8
  • Boardroom Visits – 2
    Troy has been a star on some challenges, and a dud on others. It’s obvious when the challenge aligns with his skills and when he can use his country boy charm the same way the women were using their sexuality. But he takes his loses without taking them too personally, which is good because his team has lost 8 of 10 challenges. But here’s the thing… he has never been brought into the boardroom by someone else. His visits have all been of his own making. So is he a good leader, a good follower or an excellent politician?

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    Troy McClain

    TroyMcClain.jpg"PHD, MBA, BA, to me it’s all BS. Street smarts are where it's at." --Troy McClain
    Troy is a 32-year old native of Alaska and missed out higher education while supporting his mom and sister. He owns several properties and is working on an insurance business.

    From Official Site - Video

    Personal Site - troymcclain.com
    Born in Anchorage Alaska, Troy spent the majority of his childhood split between both Alaska and Montana. He was not able to pursue any higher education because he took on the responsibility of supporting his mother and sister at a very young age. Troy ran a health club in Spokane, WA for a couple of years, before he decided to enter the field of investing. He is currently building an insurance business and working as a mortgage lender. He is also involved in real estate development and owns 7 properties.

    What is your definition of "success"?
    For me this would be hard to define. I am always wanting more after I achieve what I thought was enough. I guess my definition would be when I have reached a point in my life that I could return to my wife and family all the great things they have given to me, and given up for me. I would happily work for a lifetime to try to give back what they have given me. Love, respect, and pride in myself. They showed me, degree or no degree that I can still achieve whatever I set my mind to achieve. In my mind, when I give them back that same feeling, I have become successful.

    Who do you admire most (personally and/or professionally)?
    Personally, I admire my Grandpa. He served his country with honor and pride and asked for nothing in return. He came back from the war to raise all the hero's in my life, my mom and my uncles. He did this on his own, without a wife, as she was killed in a tragic car accident. He raised my mom and her siblings to live off the land and be proud of who they are and who they would become. He taught them about respect and honor and how to be tough yet warmhearted. I admire him for his grit and integrity. My grandpa is the "Donald Trump" of the common people. he's a true "billionaire" in life and even more, in my heart.

    As for professionally, I admire Donald Trump of course. Ever since I was a kid I fought to be like Donald Trump. Everybody said "no way" I didn't have the smarts or I didn't have the "pedigree". They said it takes money to make money and I didn't have enough money to make half his money. Well my mom said differently. She said if you want bad enough, "go for it" and she would support my decision. She said, "it only takes hard work". So, my senior year I put my plan into action. I said in my senior quote "Trump, I'm coming." Since then, I have worked my tail off to get as close as I could to the man I admire. Trump was more or less a goal to achieve. I thought to myself if I aim as high as Trump and I get at least half way, well hell, I'm ten times better off from where I started. Trump has what I admire most, and what other people admire about me, grit and instincts. With these two things plus the qualities I see in my grandpa I know I can become just like the men admire most. A billionaire in life and in the bank!

    What cartoon character do you most relate to and why?
    This is an easy one for me. It would have to be Walt Disney's "Robin Hood." I can remember being a kid and seeing this movie for the first time and thinking to myself, "this is what I am going to do for my family, for my friends, for everyone!" I was Robin Hood. My whole goal in life was to make as much money as I could simply to give back to all the people around me who had none. Who wouldn't want to be Robin Hood? He's a great hunter, an awesome fisherman, takes care of his family and he gets the lady.

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